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About us - Flores Komodo Tour is an online company based in Bali Island and runs the business working closely with quality to showcase of Flores & Beyond Tour

Flores Komodo Tour is an online Flores Tour Company based in Bali Island and runs the business working closely with quality Flores Companies to showcase of Flores and Beyond Islands have to offer for the best holiday experience. We have successfully assisted thousands of customers worldwide enjoy a wide array of Flores Activities, Flores Tours Package or Beyond Islands. Our website is the cheapest place to shop for researching and booking your holiday to Flores Island with excellent service. The price we offer is competitive price and reasonable. 

Cheap Tour Price doesn't guarantee you can have a good service. Please don’t ruin your holiday by choosing wrong tour service company. As an online-based tour operator, we were low allowing us to keep our prices very competitive and the lowest price, with the majority of our Flores Tours and Activities being below the published price, you would be charged if booking through online. We take care of the booking process for you, from beginning to end, ensuring when you arrive in Komodo, Flores Island, or Beyond Islands, your holiday will memorable ones. 

Customer Service is the number one priority for all companies, we feature ensuring they will go above and beyond to make your holiday be special. We are at Flores Tour Company know the importance of planning a stress-free, successful holiday. We focus on our customers and we pride ourselves on our attention to detail while providing excellent service and information. Our team of highly knowledgeable and competent with excellent service to our customers, aim to make your holiday experience be your unforgettable memories.


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