Climbing to Mount Agung 3,142 masl via Besakih

Posted by Astawa on Sep 07 2017
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Mount Agung - Flores Dragon Tour

Mount Agung is the highest mountain on the island of Bali with an altitude of 3,142 masl. This mountain is located in the district Rendang Kab.Karangasem - Bali.

Mount Agung Bali is a strato-type volcano, this mountain has a very large and very deep crater that sometimes releases smoke and moisture. From Pura Besakih this mountain looks perfectly pointed, but the peak of this mountain extends and ends in a circular crater and wide. Climbing to the top of this mountain can be started from the southwest of which is a common climbing route used by the climbers of Pura Besakih.

Path of Pura Besakih

This path is often used by climber, in addition to passing the famous Besakih temple complex, we will see a very impressive scenery along the way. Along this path there are no springs so climbers have to bring plenty of water supplies.

Towards the last forest boundary, there are actually springs purified by the community, but no one can go there.

There are no special posts for climbers, but climbers are required to report themselves at the police station at the gate of Pura Besakih. Not be charged but should we give voluntarily.

We can also stay overnight in this police station if we are at the same time as we go down the mountain. Not much information can be obtained from the officer (police) about the mountain, except the accident records that occurred on the Mountain. If you want to hire a ranger (guide). From this local guide, information about Mount Agung Trekking can be obtained.

In order to survive the climber should stop at the temple to pray, abstinence for climbers not to bring beef in any form. At the time there is a big ceremony usually climbers are forbidden to ride because according to the beliefs and experiences of the local community is usually an accident when there is a big ceremony.

Climbing to the top of this majestic mountain will pass through places of worship of the Balinese, so for climbers who when going up to find a religious ceremony is recommended to postpone the climb to honor the religious ritual. Besides that narrow path through what if met with a convoy of people who want to hold a ceremony at Mount Agung.

In this forest area narrow path so that when met with other climbers have to step aside, also almost no place wide enough to open the tent. That is why the climbers are very disturbing people who are holding a ceremony on the mountain. Toward the end of the forest the path of sand is very slippery and easy to decline.

The camp can be done at an altitude of 2500 meters or after 5 hours of climbing through the forest area. Here becomes the final boundary of the forest and the path is somewhat relieved and there is a slightly open place. There are many shy monkeys, they follow the climbers but do not dare to approach, unlike the monkeys in the mountain Rinjani is very brave and disrupt climbers.

From the top of Mount Agung we can see the peak of Mount Rinjani which is on the island of Lombok, although both mountains are covered by clouds because the two peaks are above the clouds. In the morning the air is still clean so we can look at other mountains on the island of Bali, before the day the body and the peak of Mount Agung blanketed clouds throughout the day.

To reach the peak of this sacred Mount Agung Bali becomes a pride of its own and will be more meaningful when accompanied by self-reflection, meditation, or prayer, besides the beautiful view of the island of Bali from the top of the mountain.

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